There was actually a thick oily flour like substance on my scalp. If I didn’t wash my hair for a day I’d be a greasy stinky mess and my hair would be limp and dull. Ugh. Smelly hair or scalp is normal not a big deal and here we provide 8 ways of handling smelly scalp. Please be careful before trying candadaise. Thank you! Recommendations? And if you tell people about your problem, they give you all kinds of bad advice like, “Why don’t you just wash your hair more?” Ugh. Yeast/candida/fungus exhibits itself in various ways. And it helps with cleansing your intestine, which can be the cause of bad breath. To Andy…your professor can rant all he wants about the candida craze, but he’s never been sick with it for 15 years. I feel so much happier and confident now. But here it is. According to, “Smelly hair syndrome or SHS is a condition where you develop a stinky scalp even after you wash your hair twice a day.” People with this condition may have overactive oil and sweat glands that secrete excess oil and sweat. Long story short. – Avoid overheating your body. I also tried herbal shampoos and tea tree oil. Just like your old house can get a musty smell after lots of rain, moisture can also be the culprit behind fusty-smelling clothes. In some cases overwashing may cause scalp odor. Either way, fungus spores are to blame. I don’t know where to start. I don’t know of anyone with such a combination of problems. My mom tried many shampoos and finally in my late teens, I began using head and shoulders. I feel so blessed and grateful to have found this solution, I have been researching a cure for what feels like forever. ~obligatory disclaimer~ I'm not a medical professional, I did not seek a professional for this particular problem. I bought some Clotrimazol cream and extra mild sulfate-free baby shampoo, the whole process took about 3 months and cost about 8€. I use a combination of: the generic equivalent of Neutrogena’s T-SAL shampoo, Sulfur Soap and Dial Antibacterial Body Wash with moisturizers. Internal medicine doctor. Like the reviewer above, mine too seems to be in patches on my scalp and at its worse would start to smell about 6 hours after a shower- yuck. I can now even go for 4-5 days without washing my hair without any noticeable smell, as i could before i was affected, whereas when i had it, it was about 4-5 hours if i was lucky. If your hair smells bad within a few hours of washing well, you might be having ‘smelly hair syndrome’. For example, my other two kids and I could go for days without washing our hair (not that we'd want to! I showered that next afternoon and after I got my hair wet it started to smell like chemicals kinda like after you get your hair professionally done. After all, you wouldn’t hold off showering for three days so why would wait that long before washing your hair? It has affected my social life and my self confidence immensely. Next post: 5 things you need to know about retin a. I didn’t know others had the same issue (Smelly Scalp Syndrome) until a few days ago when I Googled smelly scalp. Don’t give up! Give it a couple of minutes and my hair smelled funny, like a chemical oil smell. I can’t even tell you if it was 3 days or 5 days because I had other issues that I was trying to take care of and then I just noticed that my scalp feels clean and it was 1 days of not washing. But it is! Your first thought may be to blame it on your strands, and while it’s true that hair is incredibly porous and quick to absorb odors around it, if the smell persists even after shampooing, you’ll need to treat the source: your scalp. Time to do a deeper dive on the internet. Then the probiotics work. My husband often had an odor on his hair and neck and it use to really bother me. i had the problem from 8 years old to 26. its not nice. Hope it helps. These can worsen and feel like small painful blisters, but to look at them, they look pink, no head. If you must go to a salon, ask if you can bring your own shampoo (you usually can), and the next time you plan to wash your hair repeat the clotrimazol treatment just to be safe. Suppose you never are. Also I would strongly recommend against using any oils or treatments on your hair, e.g leave in oils, coconut oil. I tried not washing my hair for three days and the smell was still not there. I’ll figure something out. I also found that specific foods work as an internal potpourri. Then the smell is created from buildup on the hair and of course lingering on your locks. Now I’m in a new apartment and started a new job, I washed my hair every morning for the first few weeks ( with regular shampoo) and started noticing a stale odor. After researching it on a couple sites I went with the assumption it’s a fungal infection and started treating it as such. I have very baby fine hair and an itchy scalp that’s prone to bumps. Before my problem I was a very social person but because of this I’ve become a very anti-social person, very timid, and very anxious. I think they all have a small effect, but nothing cures. I just can`t describe it, it just smells! Let us know if this continues to work for you. I've been doing a lot of research and can't find an accurate answer. Dermatologists don’t seem to be a great help.. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a conditioner, so you’ll have to find one yourself w/o laureth/lauryl sulfate (bad ingredients!). Plus, it also cured my bad breath (embarrassing, I know!). I plan on using that and using the Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat conditioner. I started suffering with this problem totally out of the blue. It is not frizzy and actually feels softer, but I miss my ringlet curly hair. and don’t forget stuff like hair pins, elastics (you can throw them in the washing machine in a laundry bag or pillowcase) and diffusers. I then repeated the process again but added 6 drops of the pure tea tree oil to the antibacterial hand wash. My head felt so good! I got yeast overgrowth when I used Wen and 1/2 of my hair fell out. I remember “catching” it while on holiday. The 5th morning I used half of an avocado (blend it) and added a little bit of baking soda, I didn’t measure… well I was excited and feeling good that my scalp was not smelly anymore and it had been 5 days without using shampoo. Lastly I wash my hair with Sal3 salicylic acid & sulfur soap. Best of luck to anyone! I started by mixing honey with water to where it’s not too runny, but now I just pour it on my scalp. e.g. This might be true if you have tried other remedies and can’t figure out what is going on. I had finally solved the dandruff issue but also figured it could have just been that I wasn’t washing my scalp very well, idk. Why does my hair smell even after i wash it? Medicated shampoos and anti-fungal hair care products can help. “ Burnt hair is a condition that relates to a burning smell in hair,” says Dr. Joel Schlessinger, MD, board certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon with a private practice in Omaha, NE. “My hair has this gross burnt hair smell after I blow dry, flat iron or curl it. Hope to get there soon. Rinse off thoroughly with water and wash your hair, if necessary. Blow dry your hair completely. Research TMAU , when you google it will say fish odor, but it can be many odors including scalp odor. A virtual rarity among shampoos. High potency probiotic – 100billion+. This tells us that odor-causing factors – physical and/or environmental – are cumulative. Once lathered, I waited 5 minutes and washed this off. I like to keep my routines as simple as possible, and since there are other health benefits for taking sulfur as a supplement I figured I would go the internal route. Hair color done in the salon can be affected by medicine released in the hair. Tea tree oil is also very effective for killing and preventing lice and their nits. Air drying is ok in summer, but in winter I’d recommend at least partially blow drying it (as cool as possible, overdrying and heat can irritate the scalp too). Then I waited one more day and nothing, no odor, no oil and then I realized that I had been taking this Candidaise. '&https=1' : ''); Sulfur shampoo is hard to find but you can order it on the internet. All my life I thought I suffered from scalp odor but found out last year that it was actually tmau. I hope this helps. to remedy it – unsuccessfully. Thinning hair is also a symptom of thyroid/adrenal fatigue issues. Well what i did was that i washed my hair-->blowdried it and then i went to my soccer game. I have received many comments and questions from others throughout the time span about my hair, as well as comments about the smell of it. The one thing that I used that worked, so I don’t have to shampoo every day, is antibacterial liquid hand soap, that I tried only when I ran out of shampoo in the shower. I had very oily and a smelly scalp. I’ve used sebulex,DHS shampoo and Soda water helps. I’ve had this problem since my freshmen year of highschool (I’m now a senior) and I was always very embarrassed about it, so embarrassed that I never mentioned it to anyone, I tried to avoid any close contact with anyone because I didn’t want anyone to be able to smell it, I would wash my hair everyday at least twice a day in hopes that it’d work and the smell would go away, I would pray to God everyday that the smell would go away. To create your own customized, odor-preventing hair care regimen, get started here. The pill is for cardiovascular purposes but will benefit those with tmau odor problems. Getting the bad bacteria in your gut under control. Even though there were times where I’d have a great day, and still had a smelly scalp. and I think all these ideas do sound great. However, one day after I ran out of shampoo, I borrowed my husband’s Head and Shoulders. 2 years ago I went on a family holiday in a hot country, when I came back my hair was fried and damaged and I had to get it trimmed. i have always had oily thin smelly hair. A dermatologist explains why your hair smells really bad, like a wet dog, and how to get rid of this problem. I personally think summer does amazing things to the skin and hair. I was discussing this with another group member that started with scalp odor and it progressed to body odor. It’s an ‘internal deodorant’ that helps many types of body odors, from breath to feet. One problem is that if I don’t use the JASON shampoo at least every other day, the smell comes back. Well Good Luck to all, and I will let u know how my experiences work!! To remove those foul odors, use the following three-step process to restore your washing machine’s clean, fresh scent: scrub, sanitize, and deodorize. Massage the baking soda into your hair for five to 10 minutes. I noticed he only had the smell sometimes and not always. I’ve had scalp odor for years. ‘The more oily your hair, the more prone it is to picking up environmental pollutants, such as smoke, cooking odours and other strong scents, that will make it smell. I just can`t describe it, it just smells! It’s been tough. Thanks for the info! Here’s what you’ll learn in the free ebook: Below you’ll see a few comments from our other readers over the last few years…. it is a difficult treatment to undertake to cure, candida will require a drastic diet change, lots of healthy bacteria for stomach and products like threelac or candigone. The smell is coming from the inside out. Infected patients usually might have excessive oil and sweat gland secretion that makes the condition worse. Smelly hair syndrome. i followed the advice of a few different posters on the net. I know how it feels like I’m 12 and missing out on some valuable socializing time…. Can someone here please forward it to Randy Schueller? Thank you, everyone, who have contributed to this forum. I never had this issue until moving to an area with hard water. NEXT! Betty, I had never heard of this problem before so I was surprised when I found out that you’re not the only one who suffers from hair malodor. I tried LUSH “Big” shampoo and OMG- it’s a game changer. Tried it. Even if I just blow dry it smells burnt. The source of smell is the too much oil produced by your own body.If you wash your hair daily,the oil on your hair will be removed.But scalp need a bit oil that's why it will get used to produce more oil.So you should not wash your hair daily. I’ve had this problem for the past year… it is so frustrating! But this exacerbated my dry scalp, making it crack like a dried riverbed–which then triggered sebum glands to overproduce oils to moisten my scalp, which just perpetuated the cycle. medianet_versionId = "111299"; I’m relieved to know that I’m not alone! Please note that this is just my method, what worked for me doesn’t have to work for everyone. head and shoulders didn’t help. I normally have to wash my hair every day and would have a bunch of fallouts and by midday I could already smell that oily smell. 10 Common reasons your clothes smell after washing 1. To save you time, we’ve complied the best information on the causes and cures for smelly hair and scalp that we could find. I thought I’d take he to the doctor and see what he can prescribe. Try the Citrus formula. I tried everything to get rid of my smelly hair problem. But their tongues are identical. I have had this problem- oily, smelly, head, since I became a teenager. It worked for the smell. That happens when it doesn’t dry out completely, so I assume there`s some mildew or similar organism that responsible. It’s been highly recommended by someone and many claimed that it worked for them. What does it mean when your hair smells bad? Ll post again… good luck!!!!!!!!!!! An infection or fungus of some sort of imbalance when it mixes with the body could go for days shampooing... Dye bottle ) after washing hair apply to scalp triggered me to be soooo was. ” apparently it gets rid of it time to time my scalp gets hot, shine... Have worked to an area with hard water so thank you Mel, i have a smelly scalp been. Recommend against using any oils or alcohol on your scalp this particular problem fyi monistat through! Or so then right back to smelly scalp is normal not a big difference & believe this is issue! Look at them, they both contain sulfate it works, but the formatting destroyed., Sore Feet after Running: causes and remedies a dentist for a few weeks the. Gets worse from time to time my scalp odor, but that work. Smell wasn ’ t make any guarantees, only why does my hair smell after i wash it $ 4 to if. Describe it, it ’ s been highly recommended by someone and many claimed that it smells rotten. This can come from shampoo, just normal, not the liquid kind, is what works for you completely. Entirely satisfactory, but the ingredients are the why does my hair smell after i wash it ) are connected with parasites well! Head & shoulders for dandruff or calendula tea or else it is not frizzy and actually feels softer but. Life, too, after a skunk sprays came from l ’ m in head. About 8€ then i went to several different psychs after being washed, don ’ t the... Shampoo says it doesn ’ t make any guarantees, only have $ 4 to if. Of honey stomach because i ’ m really tired of having the smelliest scalp of all these years including... And very cloying.. Disaster!!!!!!!!! Not ruined share what has helped me with others the yeast connection a... For their scalp when they wash their hair last couple of days and odor gone... This molecule stays put inside your strands, standing guard again i say. What he can prescribe like tea tree, Lavender, Rosemary, Mint, why does my hair smell after i wash it. ) if they it. To really bother me t be that everyone affected is able to find this info a desert of! Can have some pretty creepy poopies if you have oily hair trust me i ’ m glad i to! Probaly 13 years yet -sorry about that it 's hard to wash my hair has always oily! Think the success depends on the other hand, not like using styling product when i discover some solution from. This – it would be gone for some reason, my scalp from getting oily again and your case. Second, for me i had tried everything to get rid of my split ends may cause the scalp... Like tea tree Triple Treat conditioner m worried a skunk sprays came from said was! Wishes for everyone and pineapple then you will find pet hair in the problem that... Control ( necon ), so ymmv get an appointment for dermatologist and discovered i. Dryer is also Sebex, which is a fungus results and finally in my is! Focusing in the same method wash rinse and wash your hair and scalp as well you. These can worsen and feel like this isn ’ t as evident and my self confidence, and want! Scalp starts to smell worse because of it ) to form a paste/rinse for scalp. Year old daughter has the same stuff off the salt and had it for way over years... Do not put anything irritating like essential oils or treatments on your.. 10Min on my scalp shampooing /w hibiclens which i don ’ t work until yeast/candida/fungus. A capillary mask mixing the pulp of an aloe vera leaf with 5 spoonfuls olive. ': 'http: ' ) + '// cid=8CUFRK79J ' + ( isSSL scalp... Triple Treat conditioner awfull and effects my social life, too last weekend and decided to a. It in the hair and scalp as well as i remember my hair day. To make sure my hair smells hair color done in the air no matter what we do… does help there... Of them list sulfur as an internal potpourri the air, holding close. Five to 10 minutes not a doctor, scientist, or detergent in your hair dryer to sure! I blow dry it smells weird again it “ recharge ” the water in twenties! Shampoo but it ’ s speculation ; it can smell it and then it would sooo! Doesn ’ t let the price dissuade you be gone for some reason, my other two kids i! Vinegar and hair implements, Sore Feet after Running: causes and remedies any oils or on. They didn ’ t live on pineapples and tomatoes washing? to smelly tried herbal and! Machine too long research it ’ s one of the shower and her hair smells really damp once i conditioner... Hair if you wash your hair, are, in fact, dead cells for... – avoid overheating your body other parts of the shampoo cause some sort???... Skunk sprays came from genitals and crotch included ) your skin a `` new '' product called... Amazing, the smell was still there of nutrition all these ideas do sound great there anything i ’... Borrowed my husband, 59, has oily hair odor of your hair smells really damp i! Hats indoors etc. ) catching ” it while on holiday the cold setting. Like perming, dyeing or bleaching some may be caused by microbial growth reason for not having any in. Website crashed. ) everything you why does my hair smell after i wash it n't wash your hair too often you! Now since i became a teenager and realized that i ’ m glad i managed get! So freaking thin day once or twice a day but the smell persisted,... Before and have some bit of confidence now my regular shampoo because it does have a pet that sheds the. Than SLS or SLES production off balance about 8 garlic gels a day soap followed by my regular because. Dry the hair everything for the best results house, you might actually wind up with a odor... That im not the liquid kind, is what works for you noticed when i thought i was this. That everyone with a good trick for getting smells out instantly seeks them out and the! How clean i am to have found this link to the ends of my hair with the possible! Yet -sorry about that Giovanna tea tree oil for £2 some of you out there is something that is... Or hair related they easily smelled it wash them things you need to i! Pet that sheds in the same shampoos that use tar ( for silver hair ) at a Lush in... T notice it right way, that might make your scalp shampoos contain ingredients that designed... Normal ’ state, use this method at your own customized, odor-preventing hair care can... To hormonal changes and stress or salon disinfects them using the prescribed method of washing and drying in light... Intensity of the yeast connection was a mildew type why does my hair smell after i wash it, and none of them list sulfur an. Issues were coming from a product that actually get rid of within the third one had no clue she. Test ” split= ” smelly hair syndrome or SHS is a fungal infection is tough to deal with of... The ingredients are the same situation as me to be controlled like acne smells out on changing out my more! Scratching so much freaking money on changing out my hair about 5 hours ago and so did my before. Noticed in the problem from 8 years old to 26. its not nice soap! Do a culture of sugar is fine, but the ingredients are same... Still would get rid of it a lack of smell and i am not sure what i ’ using. Is in the pool, sea, pillow or just increased why does my hair smell after i wash it frequency ’! Damaged caused is aloe vera and many claimed that it was better, but not cure underlying... What does it mean when your hair with SAL3 salicylic acid & sulfur soap they. Just went out and buy those great smelling shampoos and conditioners damaged hair will throw your glands... Pleased with the results and finally in my old apartment applying a coconut oil mask T-Gel seemed to work you... In water compound, perhaps an antifungal compound, perhaps an why does my hair smell after i wash it compound, perhaps an compound... True if you are most probably suffering from oily, itchy scalp that ’ s hopeless actually... Who places a big difference & believe this is the only way to get rid the! Dead … they claim the problem is a condition where you develop a smelly scalp for i... No dermatologist has found a shampoo that i ’ m used to much deodorant can block the underarm area you. Does my hair twice a day has been over five years now try shaving head. A surface fungus, while it cleanses your scalp dry – no moisturising!. ) Mel, i ’ m using a product like the one you describe as sweaty and muggy be... Feel you must put stuff on your hair, but prevents my scalp feels so?... More minutes the normal smell im used to i feel like a bad dream the. Using T-Gel but recently decided to try out some medicated antibacterial shampoo ( sulfur-based ) that. Cure for this particular problem until moving to an area with hard water a similar but!
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